a series of wonders

Finally inspiration has struck! Friggin’ A.

Bottled lightning.

Canned tornado.

Rainbow in a jar?

In the long run I’d like to create a series of “Packaged Wonders” but that’s a little ambitious for this class project so I’ll settle on one that’s simplest to make for now.

Bottled Lightning:

– As if lightning was captured and contained, allowing its behaviors, quality and characteristics to be played with. Like how a conch shell holds the sound of the ocean. Technology has empowered me with unlimited possibilities. The tension between humans and nature continues. I’m trying to bottle lightning like hunters hunting animals, paparazzi capturing celebs, or storm chasers seeking strange weather.

Notes to self: Black bottle. Shakes/vibrates and makes noise. Lighting possibilities? Similar to bottled soda pop. Input jack to connect Arduino. Sensor that collects data of tilts, shakes from someone interactive with the bottle. Should it be glass, plastic, metal? Can’t fit a motor in a narrow glass wine bottle, so shove under a bottle with a caved groove at the bottom. Stainless steel water canteens have larger openings.

The Canned Tornado would be like as if a Tasmanian devil was trapped inside the tin can.

Feeling good about this..

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