mpm35a – Final Project Proposal

“Cookie Crumbs”

..finding patterns and shapes all around us.

The iconic Oreo cookie. I’ve never noticed the beautiful and intricate design face on this tasty little food item until I saw it graphically vectored.

Instead of using shapes in repetition to design wallpaper-like art, I wanted to do the opposite. I want to create a breakdown of how many times a shape or a colour was utilized in a piece of art or iconic design. I want to do this in the form of infographs. Inspiration: Joshua Davis.

I came across these infographs while doings one research for Lila Pine’s cultural theory class:

I also remember loving this:

I wanted to do more of an poster/print. Very graphic designed. However that seems a little unimpressive for a final project and since this is new media, perhaps an interactive infograph. I love processing and what it’s capable of doing but I don’t have the brain power for it. So my project will be realized in Photoshop and Flash. The process will probably go like so: take photographs of chosen items, vector to simplify and visualize the essences of the item’s design, breakdown the shapes of the vectored items in Photoshop and add function and interactivity through Flash.

Like opposite of Chris Jordan taking many small items and their issues, and magnifying them into this supersized images. I’ll be doing that on a different scale. Maybe take Jared Tarbell’s Sand Dollars and simplify them, strip them into the smaller shapes that make each dollar’s patterns.

I want to emphasize the importance of small things as they’re often easy to miss and go unnoticed and maybe use items from our daily everyday lives to depict this.

A series of cookies / crackers: i.e. Ritz, Cheese Nipz, Fudgee-O’s, Pirate’s peanut butter cookies, maple leaf cookies, Peek Frean’s fruit creme’s, and rip-offs of Oreo, Tuxedos and Twistos?

Breaking down design and the shapes that complete it. More iconic items. Perhaps Blackberry cell phones’ face plates?

Maybe appropriating works from mentioned artist?

I’ll start with the Oreo though.

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