Documentation of “COOKIE CRUMBS: shapes’n’patterns”

COOKIE CRUMBS is a info-graphic print/poster that features Christie’s iconic Oreo cookie, breaking down the patterns and shapes found in its intricately designed face. This poster is meant to encourage people to re-discover the smaller things in life by my simple de-construction of the familiar. By doing so, I hope to remind everyone that every little man-made thing surrounding us was once designed or reviewed by someone because this concept often goes unappreciated in our self-centered, fast-paced hectic lives.

As an artist, I have the opportunity to spark unusual perspectives or shine a new light on the dull and ordinary. I chose to do this with a very famous and loved American snack, the Oreo.

This idea began when my eyes laid on this vector image on Oreo’s wiki page.

I like the idea of data being realized visually to emphasize an issue with dramatic effect. People tend to not process numbers as well as seeing data laid out in front of us. So I thought it’d be neat to data visualize something that is already visual, such as the Oreo’s design face. For example, I thought using Oreo cookies to depict moon phases was ingenious:

Perhaps I’m OCD but I really tend to take notice of similar shapes that repeat and then generate patterns in my day to day life. For example in Joshua Davis’ work, I immediately saw the shapes and patterns in the graphic. I wondered how many shapes within a shape there were and how many of those little x’s is his graphic made of. I’m also taking a graphic design course this semester and I think this may have influenced my decision in making a graphic poster too. Plus I’ve always been a huge fan of screen prints. I think that influenced my choice in making my poster’s background very textured and almost paper bag similar to the heavy paper stock of screen prints.

I love that taking away a repetitive shape from a pattern can change your entire perception of it. For example, this Oreo should now be strawberry flavoured:

I’ve now made you see something differently and open up your imagination too!


Originally, I ambitious set out to do a series. This entailed some researching on groceries store catalogs online, educating myself on the variety of cookies and biscuits in the market. This proved harder then it sounded. Poor image quality, small photos, and none designed as well as the Oreo made it hard for me to vectorize the designs in Illustrator. So I decided to just work with one and make the best it can be.

Considered were Arrowroot, Baker's Tennis Biscuits, other bootlegged Oreo cookies, the Maria, Custard Cream, Fudgee-o, and even the Nutter Butter.

My pitched prototype was also an interactive Flash. Here is an sample of how that may have worked: ( I wanted highlights and rollovers on grouped shapes and have then animated into organized data. This working sample only goes at far as, “please play with me” and the appearing of data. I never completely figured it out so I opted for the print version of my visualization instead. I thought it’d still work well as I had made the .swf app very visually tasty.

But before my design went into Flash Catalyst, a lot of my time was spent in photoshop working with layers, cutting and pasting all the shapes and deciding my layout:

bar graph styled

preferred arrangement of data

layers and layers

final product


A .gif version (*Click image below to view animated .gif) was also experimented with, it enforced my concept nicely as you can see your perception change in front of your eyes:

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