Post 1: First Response

MPM33B – Comm. Within Hybrid Environment

eXplore posting #1: First Response

Web 2.0 into World 2.0

I’d like to explore the uncanny feeling of the virtual occupying real physical space and the real becoming digitalized. For example, why do I feel very comfortable and creepy talking to someone about the information they’ve posted online to their blog or their Facebook profile. I feel this unspoken division, that the online should remain online. If it’s posted online, it should be replied to with a comment online and not be mention in real life. But these days the line is blurred and everything has crossed over both ways. Is it only me, or do other people feel uncomfortable about this too?

Blogjects are slowly creeping out of the primordial soup of passive, low-impact thing-ness. Blogjects aspire to relevance, and assert themselves because of new perspectives or additional insights they can offer on a semantically meaningful topics.

                For my art pieces I am very interested in provoking eye-opening and worldly topics that are undermined from people’s day to day rush. This way, I feel like I’ve slowed down what we can call the “human race” for someone. As I, myself, always feel this constant race against time.

“Things” in the pervasive Internet, will become first-class citizens with which we will interact and communicate.

It boggled my mind as how an object could be first-class “citizen”. Then I thought it like how a human with citizenship who contributes to the greater society and as mentioned in class, has responsibilities. I find this idea very interesting. Day-to-day objects can then have responsibilities like a medical high-blood pressure machine reader that is responsible for a human’s live. For example, an object can be responsible to the environment too, like when the article speaks about cars who can talk about how much emissions its emitting to the world.

However this makes me think about how blogjects will make people even more dependent on technology as it is. For something with responsibility will play even bigger roles to us.

Possible projects:

1. Money Works

– An object. The tracking of how money physically circulates in our world. An as-small-as-possible sensor attached to dollar notes or coins and tracked through a GPS. Collected data can then be visualized. Or an interactive website that allows people to see how their dollar note is traveling around the world.

2. The Aware Chair

– An object. A chair that records your body weight and the time spent sitting on it. This information can then be viewed to help realize bad habits, a great tool to bring upon and/or maintain new and healthier lifestyle changes.

3. A Memorable Photograph

– A photograph is indexical, always pointing you to some place else. However, they have no agency. I’d like to explore photographic themes of lost and memories and perhaps create some sort of photograph that is a Blogject.

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